A lot of times, being an adult sucks. But then again, sometimes it doesn't. Because sometimes, as an adult, you can wake up and say, "I think I'll book a flight to Paris today."

That's what Staci did, and she knew Jen would be down to join. The two have a kindergarten-born friendship spanning 24 years and a shared passion for travel, art, fashion, food, and laughter. The pair grew up together in Baltimore and stayed close friends while Jen attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and Staci attended New York University. Following college, Staci returned home to pursue a career in journalism and publishing, and Jen moved to New York to pursue a career in graphic design and animation.

In the fall of 2013, the pair set off for Paris and Barcelona and decided more trips had to happen stat. 

Meet Jen.

Jen regretfully didn't study abroad during college and has spent every year since graduation trying to make up for that mistake. Although she loves her job working as a designer and animator, her passion is travel photography. She loves taking pictures of everything from historical architecture in Europe to calving glaciers in Alaska. 

Jen is also an avid runner and tries to explore places by foot and bike as much as possible. She's so glad to have a lifelong friend like Staci who shares her passion for travel, art, fitness and, most importantly, food!




To keep up with Jen, check out her portfolio here and photos here. She has twitter but doesn't use it often, so don't bother.


Meet Staci.

If Staci didn't travel, her Instagram would basically consist entirely of pictures of her two cats, Beau and Edgar. These two handsome boys are a relatively new love, but wanderlust has run deep for Staci for as long as she can remember. In 2005, she made her first transatlantic trip studying abroad in Florence, Italy. While there, she explored much of Italy and visited London, Amsterdam, Athens, and Santorini. One of her only regrets in life is not cutting class that sophomore year to visit Paris - a situation she rectified in style with Jen!

To keep up with Staci, check out her art here, meet Beau and Edgar on instagram, tumbl for her here, or shout her a tweet here.




"Wanna go to Paris with me?"


-The text message that started it all

Baltimore 1991

Baltimore 1991

Paris 2013

Paris 2013