Q: Why "Hashtag Jetlag?"

S+J: Why not?


Q: How do you know each other?


Q: Do you always travel together?

S+J: We've known each other since kindergarten where we bonded over a shared love of a good set of markers and bombass Barbie clothes. 


S+J: Nope! Paris + Barcelona in 2013 was our first trip together, and we realized this had to happen more often because we are travel soulmates.


Q: What camera do you use?

J: I almost only use my trusty iPhone 6 built-in camera to take pictures. I often use the app Afterlight to edit. Last year I purchased a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K. It's pretty fantastic.

S: I too use my iPhone 6 with nothing but a dash of Instagram.



Q: How do you choose your destinations?

J: Good food & drink is a must. I also prefer places with a good art scene, lots of history, and fun accents. 

S: For a long time after college, I was all about the beach trip, feeling like decompressing was top priority. Beach trips are still awesome, but it's time to get out and see the world! Paris was calling my name, and I never know where I'll head next!



Q: Why did you create this site?

J: To be perfectly honest, I was having a particularly slow week at work and was inspired by my friends' travel blogs (Ride & Ramble & Frequent Wanderer). I am a compulsive photo taker and Staci is a talented writer, so it seemed only natural to turn our hobbies into a site.

S: When Jen asked, I said "hell yes!"


Q: What is your favorite travel destination?

J: This is really tough! I have to cheat and say two places. I love a good nature focused trip (see: The States West), but there just isn't anywhere else in the world that compares to Alaska. The fact that you need either a boat or plane to access a lot of the state makes it unique. This trip marked the first time I'd seen glaciers in person as well as whales and seals in the wild. I felt more connected to nature here than I have anywhere else. 

I have to agree with Staci and say that my second favorite place is Paris. This is the only city that I've traveled to that felt instantly familiar. The food, the art, the people - everything about Paris felt like home.

S: I can't pick just one! Going to Israel was like going to a home I never knew I had which made it special in a way that no other place I've been to has been yet. But Paris...I long for Paris.


Q: Where to next?

J: Off to Vermont for some skiing!

S: Planning her next travel-for-race destination!